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Dueling KeyNote Speakers:
The Gamification of Everything

As is our custom, we have dueling keynotes (sort of a debate) and this year’s topic is Gamification.  Can anything be turned into a game?  Should it be?  Do kids learn more through play? Gamification is the buzzword when it comes to raising smart kids. But who said life’s a game?


Take Two Tablets And Call Me in the Morning

Inno, Vinci, Leapfrog, Kineo, 3DS, Vita–kiddie tablets are multiplying faster than the kids they aim to teach.  Meet the new players. They range in price, size, and capabilities, and they’re all pretty cool.


Screentime: How Young is Too Young

A doctor, an educator, and a futurist meet in a bar. No it’s not a joke–they’re here to discuss “screentime.” Is a toddler with an iPad the start of great things or will there be great consequences?  Moderated by David Kleeman, President of the American Center for Children and Media moderates.


10 Great Little e-Books

Our [email protected] team points out the top ten e-books and how they got that way. If you’re thinking of creating your own, don’t miss this important session that discusses UI, tools, and good old storytelling.


Making A Joyful Noise

Grab your smartphones. Its music appreciation time, digital style. Find out how kids get in touch with their artistic side through technology.


Virtual Worlds and Digital Toy Reports

Scott Traylor, our moderator, brings the latest data on tech toys, both real and virtual and in some cases both. Those thinking about the next generation of toys won’t want to miss this one.


Keynote:  The Lighter Side of Family Tech

A bug, a hotspot, a boot … who knew that tech would cause such familial confusion.  We’ll have your smartphones roaring with laughter at this special what the &^% keynote.


What Mommy Bloggers Really Want (and Don’t)

5 successful bloggers share their tips and their thoughts on the complex mommy relationship with the tech industry.  Moderated by Lori Schwartz of McCann Erickson, this is a joint therapy session for brands and their minions.


Family Safety in a Digital Age

Time for a reality check.  We’ve never been as vulnerable to the impact of malicious technology as we are today. A cell phone can save a kids’ life or destroy it.  It can strengthen or wreck a marriage.  Now that we carry the Internet in our pocket and on our TVs, things are murkier than ever.


Geena Davis Institute for Gender Equality/MommyPorn and More

Executive Director Madeline DiNonno shows you that gender depiction in media is even worse than you thought. But is there a place for adult entertainment in a woman’s life?


Moms as CEOs of the Household

With to do lists that are longer than War and Peace, technology can be savior or purgatory. This session provides both a peek at the newest products and tips to use them better.