2015 International CES
Wednesday, January 7
Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2006


Session Title

Session Description


Free Play

Veteran tech reviewer Warren Buckleitner and his elves take us on a tour of the year’s most innovative toys, apps and services for kids. Channel your inner kid in this interactive introduction to the day.


Dueling Robots

Someday robots may boss us around, but for the moment, the kids are bossing them around learning a lot about programming and processes along the way. We’ll announce some of the newest of the breed and watch them in a robotic rumble.


Master Class: The Secret Ingredient is Freedom

Lego, Minecraft and Toca Boca are three Scandinavian brands that are all at the top of the charts in their respective categories. This is no coincidence, argues Toca Boca Play Designer, Jens Peter de Pedro. These toys and games trust children's capabilities and provide them with the opportunity to act freely inside well-designed systems. Learn how your product could outperform its competitors, too.


The Most Serious Generation

This generation is hell bent on changing the world, and the games they play and the projects they undertake reflect that sensibility. Here’s your introduction to games for good.


A RoadMap of the Mobile World

With at least 40 different tablets made just for kids, we’re now seeing the beginnings of kid’s wearables, 3D printers, and augmented reality. Get smart about mobile.

11:30-11:55 AM

The YouTube Generation

The short video form, multiple screens and collaborative play are the hallmarks of a generation who run to YouTube before TV. Here’s a look at how they watch.

12:00 - 12:30PM

The World According to Pogue

David Pogue has been at the helm of YahooTech! for a year now. Pogue and his family correspondents give you a lively update on consumer tech.


The Business of Being in the Business

The kids tech business is fickle, flighty and in need of disruption. What the retail outlets (both on and offline) and analysts are saying about where the kids make their buying decisions.


Meet the Digital Inventors

Whether it’s a new home appliance, a beauty product or a kid’s new adventure, who’s out there pioneering the next great thing? What were their challenges? How can you learn from their journeys?


Master Class with the SpinMaster

Ben Gadbois knows a good deal when he sees one. Learn how he thinks about separating the wheat from the chaff and building lasting brands that connect with kids.


Tech That Makes You A Better You

Stand up straighter, look better, stay more organized--these technologies are coming to the rescue.


So You Think Your Home is Smart

Wait until you see what is in store for you as your home learns more and more about you. One look at the 2015 smart home and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


The Internet of Things (you included)

Your keys, your door locks, your luggage, your coffee pot--they’re having a conversation and you can be included. Here’s an Internet of Things guidebook.


Wearable Women

Technology and fashion are mating in all sorts of incredible new ways. Here's a look at wearables from "what women want".


The Annual KAPi (KidsAtPlay Interactive) Awards Cocktail Reception and Awards