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CES Celebrates Kids
The Coders, Makers, Robot Lovers and Collaborators

Seven years ago we began the [email protected] Summit at CES because we believed that the best place to see new technology for kids was in the same place you saw new technology for people of all ages.Why? Because technology defies age barriers. And today’s kids are tomorrow’s digital citizens. Drones and VR, YouTube and tablet PCs, mobile devices and robots … sure they’re used differently by different age groups, but at [email protected] we believe that a well‐balanced diet includes tech and media and connectivity as much as milk and veggies. Here’s the news we made at 2016 [email protected] Summit.

4 Things We’re Keeping an Eye On
David Kleeman of Dubit analyzes the kids industry all 24×7. Kleeman says:

  • VR myths are shattered as it becomes real and affordable for kids.
  • Tablets are great but discovering good things for kids to do and business models that sustain them are still problematic.
  • AI, especially talking toys that learn about you are big this year.
  • YouTube for Kids is the youth equivalent of Wikipedia or Google search. It is their search engine. Read more 

KidZania Paves the Way to a New Type of Play Experience for Digital Natives

Xavier Lopez is on to something: A play destination for kids where they get to experiment at being adults: pilots and chefs, teachers and boat captains. As they do their jobs they earn valuable “dollars”  to redeem at the Kidzania store

Facebook Kids: The Great Social Experiment

Facebook never intended to be in the kids business, but here they are. Antigone Davis offered a compassionate look at how Facebook helps parents and kids address trouble, including a new service to help prevent suicide.

Oculus’ Mary Lou Jepsen has Visions of Screens Dancing in Her Head

The foremost engineer of screen design, Facebook and Oculus Rift’s designer, Mary Lou Jepsen sees a beautiful evolution in how families use screens from her early days with One Laptop Per Child on to the new Oculus Rift.

Pogue’s Guide to Life

Did You Know? You can always tell which side of the car your gas tank is on by looking for the secret arrow on the gas gauge? These and other family tips shared.

Zany Robot Tricks

What a treat! Lance Ulanoff of Mashable treated us to the coolest kids robots on the planet from WowWee, SpinMaster, iPal and WonderPlay.

Girl Scouts Full Stem Ahead

From Cookie 2.0, their online cookie sales app, to their commitment to STEM, the Girls Scouts charmed us with their confidence and honesty about being digital.

Tech Toys on Parade

Tonda Sellars moderated a toy‐studded lineup that included drones, tablets, robots, and showed that the physical and digital worlds blend perfectly in a kid’s eye view.

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KAPi Award Winners

Shigeru Miyamoto, Ayah Bdeir and 8 great kids games and apps win this year’s KAPi Awards. For acomplete list of winners

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