The world has changed, the clothing industry has not. Until now!

//The world has changed, the clothing industry has not. Until now!

The world has changed, the clothing industry has not. Until now!

b6aThe year was 2000 and cell phones, portable music players, laptops, cameras, as well as the cords, chargers and batteries needed to run these items were consuming my hectic life-on-the-go. Millions of other travelers, parents, outdoorsy people and tech-lovers faced the same problem – how to carry all their belongings without a backpack, briefcase, fanny pack, man-purse or tool belt.

Several days later, while my wife Laura and I were walking our dogs, I found myself in the same frustrating situation; my hands full, juggling a water bottle, poop bag, ball, keys and wallet and trying to control my very excitable dogs. I asked Laura for the hundredth time if she could carry my stuff in her purse and she had finally had enough – informing me that I had to start carrying a backpack. At this point, I knew there had to be a better way to organize and carry my belongings and gadgets.

I realized early on that there was a major disconnect between clothing designers, who primarily focus on style, and the consumers who actually wear the clothing – any woman who owns jeans with micro-pockets can attest! With the help and guidance of my wife, we set out to create fashionable, functional garments that addressed this need.

The result? SCOTTeVEST, a full line of men’s and women’s clothing that offers hidden pockets to carry whatever you need – wherever you need it. While some of our clothing features as many as 42 pockets in a single garment, we always say, “a pocket is what you make it.” We know that most people do not have 42 things to carry all the time, but having a thoughtfully-engineered pocket specifically for your everyday carry items provides a special peace of mind and helps streamline your life.

What makes SCOTTeVEST jackets, hoodies, pants, and other garments so special? It’s all in the attention to details. To address the added load of your stuff, we developed an innovative “Weight Management System” that distributes the weight of our fully-loaded garments evenly across the torso to prevent feeling weighed down or looking bulky.

Travelers fueled our growth, but we found dozens of other ways SCOTTeVEST apparel could be used to neatly and discreetly carry your stuff. Soon photographers, parents on the go, and commuters looking for an easier way to manage their daily essentials were all “SCOTTeVESTing”!

I now look forward to my gear-laden dog walks, running errands around town, and even TSA check-in. Knowing that all my personal belongings are secure, as well as easily accessible keeps my life stress-free and streamlined.

If you want to simplify the way you carry your daily necessities, or think SCOTTeVEST would be the perfect holiday gift for someone you know, see our full line of products at and use promo LIDT20 for 20% off your first order. We look forward to seeing you all at CES 2017!

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