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Lego Life is social network for kids under 13

NEW YORK — Your youngest kids may be itching to join a social network, but as a parent you’re understandably concerned about their safety online — and are reluctant to let them anywhere near Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.

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New Parent? These 8 Products Can Help

Parenting is hard. Between exhaustion, the demands of the day-today world and plain old “baby brain,” new parents need all the help they can get.

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Irvine girl among Young Innovators to Watch for smartphone app that helps locate missing people

Sara Du started her coding career two years ago, after reading news articles about kids much younger than her creating smartphone apps.

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The Best Education Technology From CES 2017

I started my year off by spending four days at CES 2017, exploring the newest consumer technology, Today I am showcasing my top education technology picks from this convention.

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25 Things I Saw at the 2017 CES

175,000 industry professionals. 3800 exhibiting companies. 2.6 million net square feet of showroom space. CES is the largest consumer technology trade show in the world. This is a collection of the 25 weird, wonderful, wacky, and downright ingenious things I saw during CES 2017.

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The 19 Coolest High-Tech Beauty Tools on the Market Right Now

What happens when you mix equal amounts tech and beauty? You get the best (and most futuristic) beauty products on the market any girl or guy could hope for. Thanks to several tech entrepreneurs (and a few mainstream companies that have hopped on the beauty tech bandwagon), your opportunities to blend tech and beauty are becoming endless.

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How Technology Is Making Retail More Human

I’m in New York this week for NRF’s (National Retail Federation) annual Retail’s BIG Show, capturing all the industry highlights and key takeways at (as the name suggests) the world’s biggest retail show. One of the discussions at the show today was around how technology is moving in a direction to help humanise the human experience.

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8 Educational STEM Toys for Kids at CES 2017

CES 2017, the annual technology trade show in Las Vegas, emphasized how ubiquitous robots and artificially intelligent devices will be in our lives over the next decade. The demand for engineers, programmers, and technology experts to keep devices and platforms safe from hacking will continue to increase.

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BYOB: Build Your Own Bot

Lego unveiled its new Boost line, which will enable players to create either a robot, a cat-bot, a guitar-bot, a bulldozer-bot, and a machine that stacks other Legos. Paired with an app (as all good things are), this toy is incredibly easy to use and satisfying to play with. It will be hard to go back to your old lifeless bricks after this, though.

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Robots of CES 2017

No CES is complete without its quirky Robots. We take a look at the ones that seemed the most interesting this year.

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CES 2017: Photos of the top tech for kids and pets

Lego has created coding kits for kids.

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CES 2017: Photos of the top tech for kids and pets

Elmoji helps kids learn coding.

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CES 2017: Photos of the top tech for kids and pets

This companion pal laughs when you tickle it.

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5 tech toys on the radar at CES 2017

Maybe it’s all that cold weather, but there’s an undeniable freshness in the air in early January. And for those in the kids digital space, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which wrapped up yesterday in Las Vegas, is pretty much the barometer of the biggest trends to come. In fact, CES was all about four things this year: TVs, cars, augmented reality and virtual assistants. In terms of how kids fit into the equation, we’ve broken down the five biggest items that have caught our attention this year:

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24 New Gadgets Every Parent Needs to See

One of our favorite toys of 2016 was WowWee Robotics’s Coji coding robot, a robot that even the youngest kids can code via the use of emoji. Now the Coji is getting a Sesame Street makeover. Get ready for the Elmoji Coding Robot. Designed as a partnership between Sesame Workshot and WowWee Robotics, the robot will work similarly to the oringal Coji, with some Sesame Street additions. Kids can play games that control Elmoji’s actions and movements, all with Elmo’s smiling face guiding their way.

Cozmo is the Artificially Intelligent Toy Robot You’ve Always Wanted (Review)

Meet Cozmo. Take a good look at him; he’s not the sort of robot that I ever fantasized about, as my imagination ran more along the lines of humanoid robots, robot dogs, and robot dinosaurs. Cozmo, on the other hand, is a palm-sized forklift. But don’t let that fool you. He has more smarts than any robot dog you’re likely to encounter, and he has as much personality as WALL-E. And the fact that he’s a basically forklift means he has the ability to actually do some very cool things.

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All the Coolest Tech From CES 2017

Heading into CES 2017, we had a good idea as to some of the big trends we’d see. And we weren’t totally wrong—Amazon’s Alexa assistant was baked into gadgets everywhere, even in cars! But looking back at all of our coverage, there was plenty we had no idea about. This is the best stuff we saw at CES 2o17.


A CES de Las Vegas já deu a sua edição de 2017 por encerrada, deixando para trás alguns lançamentos que marcarão o ano e outros que nem tanto.

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CES 2017: The Consumer Tech Takeaway

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show has come to a close in Las Vegas, having unleashed a flurry of innovations that could prove the next major shakeup of modern life. Some of the key trends ushering in new opportunities for animation producers and licensors include:

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Move over, Segway: The rideables are coming

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is over, but smart mobility technology has just begun to take off. 16 years after the introduction of the Segway, so-called ride-ons, or “rideables,” are becoming increasingly popular, useful and affordable thanks to advancements in battery technology and electric motors.

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Seven Noteworthy Tech Product Launches at CES 2017

The 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off on Jan. 5, in Las Vegas, with product launches from 3,800 companies. Spanning 2.6 million square feet of show floor space, it is the largest iteration in CES’ history. In recent years, the show has been the launchpad for groundbreaking products, including self-driving vehicles, wearables, 3D technology, and virtual reality devices. We spotted seven tweets featuring products from this year’s show that hold potential for the architecture, building, and design industries:

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Awe-inspiring gadgets, gear at the 2017 CES

The Consumer Electronics Show has rocked Las Vegas once again for the 50th anniversary of the annual convention, where roughly 200,000 attendees converge to get their hands on tomorrow’s tech today.

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CES 2017: The wildest, wackiest and weirdest tech

Definitely on the creepier side is this companion robot aimed at kids and seniors. It even laughs if you tickle it.

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Tom’s Guide CES 2017 Awards: Best New Tech

Hey, Alexa, what are the most innovative new gadgets of 2017? Amazon’s AI assistant was everywhere at this year’s CES, from phones and cars to robots and refrigerators. But that wasn’t the only big theme at the world’s biggest tech trade show.

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CES 2017: 7 devices I would actually buy

The Consumer Electronics Show has rocked Las Vegas once again – the 50th anniversary of the annual convention, in fact – where roughly 200,000 attendees converge to get their hands on tomorrow’s tech today.

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