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Amazon’s Alexa won the CES battle, but faces a tough war

Amazon’s Alexa voice agent has been the biggest surprise hit for the mammoth online retailer since it moved into the cloud storage business with Amazon Web Services. Alexa showed up at CES 2017 in full force. As Larry Dignan notes, the agent picked up friends in high places, including Ford, Whirlpool, Dish Network, Huawei, Hyundai, Mattel, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and ADT.

Presenting the Best of CES 2017 winners!

We debated. We argued. One of us even yelled. After a long night of going through our list of finalists, our editors have finally settled on our winners for the official Best of CES awards. Below is our list of winners for each category, including our Best of the Best and our People’s Choice winner too. Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!

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31 new digital health tools showcased at CES 2017

While digital health doesn’t have as big of a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as other industries, there were a fair number of wearables, apps and sensor-enabled tools showcased. There were also several partnerships announced, which you can read about here. Some have already been covered in MobiHealthNews yet didn’t make their official debuts til this week, but most were new announcements to the world. Here is a list of 31 digital health tools we’ve rounded up from CES.

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Ooma is adding DIY home security monitoring to its free VoIP phone service

Ooma, one of the biggest names in VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service, is expanding into the DIY home security market. Ooma Telo owners will soon be able to install motion, door/window, and/or flood sensors in their homes, and add a new tier of service that provides home security monitoring.

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Ooma Adds Integration For A Slew Of Platforms, Including Apple Watch, Android Wear, DropBox And Philips Hue

Software announcements can get lost pretty easily in the CES deluge, but here’s one worth noting. Ooma will be adding integration to its VoIP home phone service for a slew of different third-party platforms, including Apple Watch, Android Wear, DropBox, Philips Hue, Lifx and WeMo.

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Putting People In The Tech Picture At CES 2017

Between fake news, hacked shopping sites, and the fragility of the Internet of Things, we’re starting to hear from consumers who are a bit skittish about the connected lifestyle. Nestled among the fabulous tech at CES’s Tech West, Living in Digital Times’ conferences, events and marketplaces are designed to provide a consumer-directed experience highlighting how this year’s new products fit in the the context of a lifestyle.

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Ooma Debuts Ooma Home Monitoring Service At CES 2017

Earlier today, a tech company Ooma debuted Ooma Home Monitoring, a surveillance system for individuals looking to protect their homes. While speaking at CES in Las Vegas, the company’s representatives revealed that Ooma Home Monitoring is based on Ooma’s cloud platform which also powers the firm’s Internet phone systems. The main selling point of this home monitoring solution is its Remote 911 feature which allows users to contact emergency services about potential issues even when they’re not at home. The system itself relies on various sensors which users can easily install in their homes. The service is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of the year, and all of the existing Ooma customers will receive a free Ooma Home Monitoring subscription for their first sensor, while each additional sensor will set them back $5.99 per month. Ooma Premier subscribers will be able to use the system at no extra cost. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of sensors range from $29.99 to $34.99. All sensors can be pre-ordered from Amazon as of today and will be shipped to customers in the following weeks.

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17 New Gadgets You’ll Want to Try in Your Home This Year

Prepare yourself to see devices for nearly everything you do in your home. Love aroma therapy? There’s now a device and app for it. Enjoy brewing beer? Take it to the next level and make cider instead. Tired of waking up to your partner snoring? Sleep Number’s newest bed will take care of that for you — without waking you up. These are just a few of the gadgets we saw at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Take a look ahead to see what we thought are gadgets you’ll actually think of using in your home.

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A Peep Into the Future Tech Innovations at CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held every year in January at Las Vegas is a premier electronic convention held annually for showcasing exceptional technological advancements in the consumer electronics industry. This year, the 4-day event held from January 5 through January 8, 2017, marked its 50th anniversary with 3,886 exhibitors showing off myriad revolutionary tech trends and avant-garde gadgets that will drive the future of technology globally.

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3 Parenting Gadgets to Watch in 2017

I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month with my Parenting Bytes co-host Andrea Smith, and we saw some great new products for kids and families. Some of the ones we loved are covered in the interviews that are already posted here on Tom’s Guide, like LEGO Boost, Circuit Cubes, and JetJat drones. Here are some other favorites.

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Lego Boost Brings Robotics, Coding to Elementary Schoolers

These days, everyone from school teachers to tech executives is trying to teach kids how to code. So why not Lego? This week, the company unveiled Lego Boost, a $159 kit that lets kids as young as seven years old build cool robots and program them with a tablet app. Due out in the second half of 2017, Boost looks easy enough for elementary schoolers to master and powerful enough to whet their appetite for more complex technology.

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