The Year of
Screen-less Kid

Join us at CES 2017 [email protected] Summit where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the next generation of digital kids. They did not grow up with computers or even laptops. They are truly mobile creatures with access to the world of information carried in their pockets. But we ain’t seen nothing yet! This generation’s interaction with technology is due to become more seamless and integrated than ever before.

Meet the Screenless Kid

They might play with a robot, chat with Siri, take a drone for a spin, print up a 3D creation, or play an old game with a new digital twist. They might wander around in the virtual world, exploring where the next vacation or travel lies. Or they might augment the existing world like Beyonce’s dress .

At this year’s [email protected] you’ll hear from the smartest kids on the block: educators, researchers, thought leaders and yes, even real live kids about how the new world of seamless, screen-less tech is coming and how you can seize the opportunity.

This year’s topics include:

  •  AR and VR in Kids Toys
  •  Screenless Playthings
  •  AI driven toys
  •  Robotics
  •  What’s new in Kid’s Content
  • High Tech Destinations for Kids
  • STEM, STEAM and Makers
  •  The Importance of Play
  • Kid Sized Drones, Tablets and Phones
  • When Physical and Digital World’s Collide
  • Kids as Inventor/Creators

KAPi Awards »

Click here to visit the official KAPi page. Now in their 7th year, these awards recognize top hardware and software in the world of kid’s media. Judged by the most vocal experts in the world of digital kids these awards, given out at CES, represent a collective uber award for excellence.

10Under20 »

Young Innovators to Watch This year we’re award 10 young kids who’ve changed the tech world with their contributions to categories including robotics, STEM education, creativity and social good.



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