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The [email protected] is both a conference and an exhibition held at CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center each January. It explores the world of digital kids who are tomorrow’s digital citizens. Our parent company (Living in Digital TImes) is one of CES’s largest partners. We focus on delivering products in the context of lifestyle. We cater to companies who need help in order to make a bold statement to a particular market segment.  Our venue is intimate, our press coverage widespread.

Why Kids?
The tools of the digital world: Twitter and Facebook, Wii and mobile phones belong to kids from cradle to grave. The world they inherit will have new ways of playing, creating, exploring and sharing a family moment. Technology will be at the heart of their celebrations, education and entertainment. And yes, they’ll also have plenty of new ways to get into trouble, ways that will require creative technology as part of the solution. The kids’ technology business is big business and it’s an important business.

At the Summit Conference …
Smash, bang, wow, kick, kerplooie — this is the year that the mouse and the remote take the back seat to more human interfaces —  the kick, the swipe and the utterance.  It’s the year where we’ll investigate how 3D games, video and education will fit into a young kid’s perception. Will look at the convergence of television, Internet and mobile gadgets to immerse kids in experiences that follow them wherever they go. From school to home to car, from bedroom to classroom kids use their technology with a new fluidity.

Join us and you’ll be in great company. Past speakers include:
David Pogue, NY Times columnist, Alan Kay, Xerox Parc and creator of the Dynabook, Chris Heatherly, Disney Consumer Products, Tom Dusenberry, Dusenberry Entertainment, Gary Knell, Sesame Workshop, Jim Steyer, CommonSense Media, Mitch Resnick, MIT Media Labs …  and those are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our previous speakers. 

New This Year …
This year’s conference will look at the world of kids and this generation’s unique way of interacting with their families by joining forces with our acclaimed MommyTech Summit.  In addition to the day-long conference, we’re adding two new evening activities:
The 2nd Annual KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive Awards)
The MommyTech Fashion Show  – the first of its kind CES event where gadgets and digital gowns walk the catwalk.
Both events will be held on Friday evening, Jan 7 — a celebration of interactive media/design/and the emergence of a new genre of practical/beautiful fashion and accessories.

Interested in speaking at the conference? Contact us and let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Interested in the Fashion Show?
Applying for the KAPi’s?

The exhibit continues on the CES show floor for all four days of the show. Last year, over 120,000 attendees and 5,000 international press combed the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center in search of the next best thing. On the [email protected] show floor you’ll be razzled and dazzled by the first new crop of 2011 products.

Don’t let the future of kids slip past you. See you at CES 2011 for the 4th [email protected] Summit!

Robin Raskin, Founder
[email protected]/Living in Digital Times, a CES partner program