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David Kleeman of Dubit analyzes the kids industry all 24×7.

Kleeman says: VR myths are shattered as it becomes real and affordable for kids. Tablets are great but discovering good things for kids to do and business models that sustain them are still problematic. AI, especially talking toys that learn about you are big this year. YouTube for Kids is the youth equivalent of

Mary Lou Jepsen to Speak at the 2016 FamilyTech Summit

Mary Lou Jepsen is the engineering brain behind Oculus Rift. She'll be speaking At the FamilyTech Summit at CES about how screens will continue to impact family life. Here is some video from 2008 when she received the WITI (Women in Technology) International Pioneer Award.

Hot items at the Consumer Electronics Show

Source: Fox News Pete Griffin previews what you should look for in Las Vegas.

The Quantified Unborn, We Put At-Home Sonogram Bellabeat to the Baby Test

I live n NYC. My colleague Jill Gilbert is in San Francisco. Still, we just had a bonding moment listening to the beat of her unborn baby’s heart. It tugged at my heart strings to hear the little peapod kerthumping away. Best of all, Jill wasn’t in the doctor’s office lying on some unpleasant exam

New Lego Collections Blend AR and Traditional Building

Lego remains one of the best loved and best selling kids toys. And they’re no slouch when it comes to advances in technology either. Products like Lego Mindstorms and Lego Universe pushed the Lego envelope by melding real land virtual play. The newest high touch meets high tech collection is Lego Fusion — a mashup

No More Stumbling Around in the Dark

You know the drill. The baby cries. You run to answer the call, only to stub your toe on the toy truck parked by your bed. Or you’re a night owl who’s partner goes apoplectic when you turn the lights grab that middle of the night snack. Here’s a high tech twist on the night

Mother’s Day for the Those in Denial

I am a mother, and yet every year I fret about whether or not to play along with Mother's Day pomp and circumstance, or just hope it goes away. Even Anna Jarvis, the woman who spearheaded the U.S.' version of Mother's Day, grew so embittered with its commercialization that she tried to take the holiday

Big Brand Game Companies See New Audience in Youngest Gamers

Game makers in search of new audiences are skewing even younger. Companies that traditionally catered to serious game players are making new forays into the K-6 crowd. "Get 'em young and keep 'em playing" is an age-old marketing idea but it's also creating some interesting play patterns for the youngest gamers. Source Read more here


Now that the price of hardware has come down and are ability to target individual learning styles and preferences has gone up are we about to see a new breed of digital toy that caters to special learning needs?  Find out who’s heading the pack on this special topic.


Do you speak retail?  Online and bricks and mortar?  Experiential and buzzworthy?  Check in with us for as we figure out what makes kid’s shoppers tick.

My Very Own Mini-Me from Shapify

It was a rainy day in NY so I wore my “schmatta” dress and ran downtown to take a quick stroll through the 3D Print show. By the end of my visit I’d been body-scanned, and sent off my like-ness to become reality at the 3D printing factory. A few days and $79 (ouch) later,

Making Good Digital Stuff for Kids Is Magic

For kids being digital is like breathing oxygen -- it's just something that you do. For the makers of quality kids digital media it's like being a grand puppeteer. You're best if you're unnoticed. You want kids to believe in the magic that you create for them. What's the recipe for making magic? A sense

Finding the Mobile App in the Hay Stack

Millions of apps are served every day! But boy, is it hard to find a good one. Our team scoured the web looking for the new, the exciting and the unexpected. From the practical that turns your phone into a document scanner to the whacked up that lets you find a pickup street game, these

10 Robots to Watch in 2014

Think of it as Fashion Week for robots. As robots continue their journey towards more intelligent, human-like behavior, they show off their individual sense of style. Here are 10 head-turning robots that do everything from entertain, to vacuum, from propel a paralyzed human, to navigating places where no humans would dare to tread. Comedic, heart-wrenching,

Toy Fair Showcases Pint Size Versions of Parent’s Favorite Toys

When I was little and we played grownup, we had our faves. There was the doctor kit -- a biggie because we loved giving each other shots -- the vacuum cleaner push toy and the Easy Bake Oven. Kids never tire of coveting grownup things, but at Toy Fair N.Y.C. this year, the grownup things

Google Glass: Not the Only Eye Candy in Town

I'm a Google Glass owner and I've had my share of ups and downs with my $1500 curiosity purchase. Mom says I look like I'm scratching my head when I'm using Glass and my photos and videos are shot and shared fast and furiously, but they're all pretty bad. I also spend inordinate amounts of

CES: A Kid’s Eye View

CES is not normally thought of as a kid-friendly show, but each year at the [email protected] Summit we find a few gems that should interest any consumer electronics lover. This year did not disappoint. A few highlights included: Kurio’s Android Phone ($199) looks every bit as cool as the Android phone that mom or dad uses,

Robin Raskin on NBC Talking “Holiday Tech Trends”

Roseanne Colletti speaks with Robin Raskin, former editor of PC Magazine, about some fresh tech gift ideas for the holidays.   Watch the video here!

Living in Digital Times Presents [email protected] Summit at the 2014 International CES

As Traditional and Digital Play Converge, New Opportunities for Kids’ Toys, Devices and Apps Emerge   Read more!

The Emotionally Intelligent Smart Home

Not content with just dimming the lights or turning on the thermostat? New automation systems really get to know you. Read More