My Very Own Mini-Me from Shapify

It was a rainy day in NY so I wore my “schmatta” dress and ran downtown to take a quick stroll through the 3D Print show. By the end of my visit I’d been body-scanned, and sent off my like-ness to become reality at the 3D printing factory. A few days and $79 (ouch) later, I held my own 3D replica, 3-inches tall, in my hand.

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Making Good Digital Stuff for Kids Is Magic

For kids being digital is like breathing oxygen — it’s just something that you do. For the makers of quality kids digital media it’s like being a grand puppeteer. You’re best if you’re unnoticed. You want kids to believe in the magic that you create for them.

What’s the recipe for making magic? A sense of whimsy and wonder, a clean user interface, exciting design and age appropriate content are just a few of the ingredients. A respect for children is another. The following products, from high tech playgrounds to an exploration of the human body to collectible figurines, all take the digital medium to new heights.

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Finding the Mobile App in the Hay Stack

Millions of apps are served every day! But boy, is it hard to find a good one. Our team scoured the web looking for the new, the exciting and the unexpected. From the practical that turns your phone into a document scanner to the whacked up that lets you find a pickup street game, these 10 apps will entertain and amaze.

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10 Robots to Watch in 2014

Think of it as Fashion Week for robots. As robots continue their journey towards more intelligent, human-like behavior, they show off their individual sense of style. Here are 10 head-turning robots that do everything from entertain, to vacuum, from propel a paralyzed human, to navigating places where no humans would dare to tread.

Comedic, heart-wrenching, utilitarian and filled with attitude, these robots will change the way we do just about everything.

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    Toy Fair Showcases Pint Size Versions of Parent’s Favorite Toys

Toy Fair Showcases Pint Size Versions of Parent’s Favorite Toys

When I was little and we played grownup, we had our faves. There was the doctor kit — a biggie because we loved giving each other shots — the vacuum cleaner push toy and the Easy Bake Oven. Kids never tire of coveting grownup things, but at Toy Fair N.Y.C. this year, the grownup things being shown are decidedly high tech.

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Google Glass: Not the Only Eye Candy in Town

I’m a Google Glass owner and I’ve had my share of ups and downs with my $1500 curiosity purchase. Mom says I look like I’m scratching my head when I’m using Glass and my photos and videos are shot and shared fast and furiously, but they’re all pretty bad. I also spend inordinate amounts of time sending the wrong things to wrong people because a tiny tap to the side of my head engages my Glass. Still, it’s a must have status symbol for all geeks and a thrilling window into the future.

While Google Glass may be the glam glass queen of the moment, it’s far from the only game in town. Two types of glass-like headware are making the scene. The Vuzix m100, and Recon’s Jet, like Google Glass, offer hands-free access to information you might otherwise use your mobile phone for, delivering that information to a corner of your viewing field. Others like Meta, Epson and Lumus are meant to layer the virtual world atop your view of the physical world.

Some headware makers are gearing up for immersive entertainment; others concentrate on enterprise applications. Some help the quantified self movement of physical sports; others make images appear monster-sized in front of your face. Together, these devices paint a picture of the wild world of augmented headware. Watch closely for these new products are bound to start penetrating your real world. Most are available for pre-order, and even the shipping versions still have that Version 1.0 feel, which means patience is a virtue in the virtual world.

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CES: A Kid’s Eye View

CES is not normally thought of as a kid-friendly show, but each year at the Kids@Play Summit we find a few gems that should interest any consumer electronics lover. This year did not disappoint. A few highlights included:
Kurio’s Android Phone ($199) looks every bit as cool as the Android phone that mom or dad uses, but it has the parental controls kids really need with their very first phone. Parents can set timers so that kids can only play Minecraft for an hour or not text message after 10PM. It’s got geo-location so you always know where your child is, and geo-fencing should they venture somewhere outside your limits. It even has a low battery notifier to text parents when their kid’s phone battery runs low. It’s sold as an unlocked phone that will work with a variety of carriers. Nice to see a kid’s phone that doesn’t scream “kiddie”.
PlayWorld Systems: These video-game-meets-playground contraptions are found in public spaces (as a matter of fact I saw one in downtown Las Vegas). Love them because they combine the elements of a good video game—fast reflexes, flashing lights and different levels—with the sort of activity you want in a playground, running, jumping and competing. They start about $27,000 so they’re not exactly for most backyards but are a great fixture for any town or school.
i-Play Bo and Yana: These two robots can be taught by kids to play music and dance. As the kids are teaching the robots, they’re learning simple programming skills. When kids program a dance or a song they can share their creations with other kids, creating a community of makers. Available for preorder from $59 to $228.
WowWee MiPs: MiP (short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum) looks […]

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Robin Raskin on NBC Talking “Holiday Tech Trends”

Roseanne Colletti speaks with Robin Raskin, former editor of PC Magazine, about some fresh tech gift ideas for the holidays.


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Living in Digital Times Presents Kids@Play Summit at the 2014 International CES

As Traditional and Digital Play Converge, New Opportunities for Kids’ Toys, Devices and Apps Emerge

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The Emotionally Intelligent Smart Home

Not content with just dimming the lights or turning on the thermostat? New automation systems really get to know you.

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