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THE JUDGES for this year’s KAPi Awards consist of a panel of 13 journalists and/or expert children’s interactive media publishers who use conference calls and online polling to make their selections. To protect the validity of the award, some judges are not permitted to participate in categories in which they have a conflict of interest. In other words, no judge can vote for themselves.


Warren Buckleitner, CTR
Chris Crowell, CTR
Dan Donahoo, GeekDad and Project Synthesis
Chip Donohue, Erikson Institute
David Kleeman, American Center for Children and Media
Ann McCormick, Learning Friends
Frank Migliorelli, Migidea and NYU
Robin Raskin, Living in Digital Times
Reyne Rice, Toy Expert
Carly Shuler, Play Science
Andrea Smith, Mashable
Aleen Stein, Organa
Scott Traylor, 360KID