HP ePrint Features Detachable Touchsceen and More

/HP ePrint Features Detachable Touchsceen and More

HP ePrint Features Detachable Touchsceen and More

At CES, one of the most memorable and relevant segments of the show for NKT was MommyTech and [email protected]  This special section of the show and conference track spotlighted technology that underscores mom’s influence in the technology sector.

I’m all about technology that makes parenthood easier and more organized, but on the flipside, I don’t think it should replace human interaction.


A few tech brands that had a presence at CES and aim to reach the mom market include Microsoft, HP, Mobi, Eye-Fi, Knowledge Adventure, among others.

I had a chance to meet with HP and Snapfish to learn about their latest products, many of which I think you photo fans like me would love.  Even though we just bought a Canon printer/fax machine/copier, I thought HP’s Photosmart eStation e-All-in-One Printer would be a perfect complement to my home office and craft area.  This thing had more functions than any printer that I’ve ever seen.

According to HP, the Photosmart eStation e-All-in-One can print, fax, photo copy and scan, plus it has a detachable, full-color, 7″ touchscreen that doubles as a wireless digital companion and control panel for remote printing.  Now, if only it could program the dishwasher and washing machine remotely!


While we’re in the middle of our remodel, my printer has been located in the upstairs bedroom, basement, kitchen and finally, in the office.  And quite honestly, that remote touchscreen would have come in handy and I could’ve avoided lugging my printer from room to room.

If you have a craft area in the basement or another area in the house, imagine printing your photos while you work on your scrapbook at the kitchen table.  Convenience is key and I appreciate HP’s forward thinking.

And check this out:

HP is broadcasting a crowd-sourced live comedy event on YouTube today from 3-5 p.m. ET hosted by comedian Rob Riggle and featuring actors from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB Theatre).

At the HP ePrint Live will allow consumers participate in a live, online comedy event when they send in their ideas for skits via HP ePrint – viewers simply email their submission and the UCB cast will turn it into a performance.

It should be interesting!

Two more things:

  • You are encouraged to email skit ideas in the form of pictures, poems, single words and drawings via ePrint to [email protected] for a chance to watch their skit come to life. If their submission is selected, they will receive a link to their personal video via email. The skit will also be posted online at the HP ePrint Live YouTube channel and the HP for Home Facebook page.
  • You can submit skit ideas via HP ePrint will receive access to a special Best Buy HP Photosmart e-All-in-One sale during the campaign period (through Jan. 29).

I know most of you are at work, but if you can’t watch it live, definitely check it out on YouTube at some point.

SOURCE: http://nextkidthing.com/?p=4740


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